The Phyllis Morris Collection by Currey & Co.

“Minimalism is for those without much to say.” – Phyllis Morris

HIGH POINT, FALL 2017 – Phyllis Morris was one of the first designers and manufacturers to embrace Hollywood Regency; in fact, many would say she is given credit for coining the term. Lavish movie sets of the 1930s and 1940s was the beginning of the Regency revival in Hollywood for the elite cliental of Billy Haines, Elsie de Wolfe, Dorothy Draper and many more including Ms. Morris in the 1950s.

Magical is an excellent word to use when describing Phyllis Morris’ personality and her influence in Tinsel town. During the avant-garde mid-century modern era that birthed a long list of design-industry super stars, she opened her first showroom. The space, which opened in 1953, was dedicated to lighting at first, which makes the Currey & Company partnership so fitting. The new lighting collection for Currey & Company is small but powerful—all now managed by Ms. Morris’s daughter, Jamie Adler, who continues to run the family design business in West Hollywood.


Ms. Poodle Table Lamp - The Phyllis Morris Collection by Currey & Co. Credit - Currey & Co.
Ms. Poodle Table Lamp. Credit – Currey & Co.

Ms. Poodle Table Lamp
The Ms. Poodle Table Lamp is a refined remake of the original lamp Phyllis Morris carved from clay with a potato peeler, the mid -century modern tastemaker proving her kicky sense of humor. The composite composition of the poodle perches atop a clear optic crystal base gives it a more modern vibe. A matching crystal finial fastens the off -white shantung shade in place. Ms. Poodle is available in Ballet S lipper Pink, Snow White and Royal Gold.


Hollywood Table Lamp - The Phyllis Morris Collection by Currey & Co. Credit - Currey & Co.
Hollywood Table Lamp. Credit – Currey & Co.

The Hollywood Table Lamp
The Hollywood Table Lamp is statuesque at 45” tall. Made of poplar and rubber woods that have been treated to an intermingling of contemporary gold leaf and painted black finishes, the mid-century modern cut-outs festooning the lamp are so on point for the famed era in design—not a surprise given it was designed by Phyllis Morris. The Hollywood is topped with a black shantung shade, the tall drum reflecting the shape of the lamp’s body, at 17” in diameter, to keep it chic!


Eyelash Chandelier - The Phyllis Morris Collection by Currey & Co. Credit - Currey & Co.
Eyelash Chandelier. Credit – Currey & Co.

The Eyelash Chandelier
The Eyelash Chandelier, which is made of wrought iron with a French Gold Leaf finish, has the sexy vibe for which Phyllis Morris was famous. During an era when it was all about “big,” this chandelier’s lines prove the fancier the curl, the more mod the girl!